Nov. 11, 2020, 3:02 a.m.

Pelan #46: Father, Mother, Ali, Reza, and Me

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  • Director: Hanieh Yousefian
  • Screening: Nov. 22, 2020, 5 p.m.
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  • Cloud video Screening via Zoom
  • Run time: 41

Forgetfulness is the most significant worry of my family and me. The father has suffered from Alzheimer`s disease and not recognized any of family members for so long time. His wife and children are known as just some acquaintances or unknown guys. Family`s life is donated to the father`s disease. The mother takes care of the father as her kid, whereas Ali; the younger son, is skeptical to all of things especially, to the father`s disease. He hesitates that father plays role of Alzheimer`s patient. Father forgets all of belongs including his real home. His memories have been replaced by his dreams.The wish of breathing in his childish house. Living in Kazeroun where all of his dreams come true. He directly asks me to take him to there and in fact it is his last wish.

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About director:

In 2014, Hanieh graduated from Sooreh University, in Tehran, Iran, with an M.A. in Dramatic Literature, and went on to study cinema at the Art University of Tehran. She has directed many short films, all exploring themes of diversity from different angles. In 2015 she brought her film Father, Mother, Ali, Reza and Me to the 9th Iran International Documentary Film Festival, and is currently working on two new documentary projects.

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ZOOM link: or use the Meeting ID in zoom application of 811 9582 8550
This online event was free and for general audiences.

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